About us

About us

To get the best understanding of what our car repair service is really about.
just listen to a few words from our workshop founder

John Martinez

“Working in the automotive industry, from a car manufacturing factory plant to repair and tuning hops of all kinds, I (and add my crew members to that) have the longest practical experience, by far outnumbering all the competition in the local area. With such a vast range of practical knowledge and experience under the belt of our team, be sure that your car will surely be well looked after! This whole business is actually amazing for me, in sense of how big did it grow to be, considering that I started out as just any other young boy with the love of the sound and the speed.

” But luckily I also was always surrounded by all things automotive and mechanic from an early age, as my father Michael was an auto mechanic in Georgia! My father also was an auto body and heavy collision recovery specialist. Helping him fixing transmissions by night at the garage and checking the engines by day in the weekends were one of my brightest childhood memories! Although I loved it, he wanted different for me, he said “Work Smart, Not Hard.” but I didn’t listen. I sincerely love doing the job I do and I think that is what makes most of the difference from any other repair shop!  I have had training from most major car manufacturers and outside facility training, plus many years of hands-on.  My roots stem from New York where I worked for several car dealerships.


Advantages of our service

Quality car parts

All the car parts and details we have in stock were purchased from the most trustworthy dealers and manufacturers.

Seasoned team

When it comes to repairing or doing checkups of your car mechanics or electronics, all our team combined has 20 Years of practical experience.

Customer-oriented service

We value the service we provide and our loyal returning customers can always expect some appreciation from us.

Affordable prices

We aim to make our service as reasonably priced as possible. That’s why we cut all unessential business expenses…

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